A question about a recipe: Aztec Two Step Coffee Cake

Could this be made in several small (the typical "mini" size) loaf pans? i'd like to make this for my oldest son who is away at college. He would absolutely love it! I often send small loaves of banana bread to my sons, as the small loaves pack and ship well + the boys can put one or two loaves in the freezer for later. Thanks so much. ;o)

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Recipe question for: Aztec Two Step Coffee Cake

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susan G. March 1, 2012
I think the mini loaf idea would be lovely, but, unfortunately, I'd be afraid to send it. As cookinginvictoria said in her notes, it's a cake in name only. The very moist nature might prove to be breeding ground for the wrong kind of bacteria. I doubt that it will freeze well -- I think that it's likely to 'weep.' I'll try it -- I'd like to see what happens.
A hybrid might work -- "Flour" the pans with the spices, use a favorite quick bread for the cake, and layer it with the Izbarra filling in the middle. That would be more stable and shippable. Another experiment -- and I'm almost out of my chocolate stash. Time to shop!
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