How do you cook winter wheat berries in a electric pressure cooker?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


susan G. March 3, 2012
If you have a specific brand, contact the manufacturer. Directions for my non-electric pressure cooker call for 2 quarts of water for 1 cup of grain -- do not fill more than halfway. Add 1 Tb oil for each cup of grain to subdue foaming. Cook for 15 minutes under pressure. Quick-release the pressure under cold running water -- stovetop release can produce sputtering. Test for doneness. If not tender (will be chewy), boil gently over medium high heat, uncovered, until done. Drain.
thirschfeld March 2, 2012
When I cook any whole grain I just use a normal pot. I place the amount of grain I want to cook into the pan add some salt and then cover it by three times the amount of water. I then place the pan over high heat and bring it to a boil for two minutes. Turn the heat off cover the pot and wait two hours. I then drain them and use them as needed in pilafs or whatever.
lloreen March 2, 2012
Are you a home cook or a part of the Whole Foods Company? I notice that when I click on your profile it links directly to .
Sometimes you answer questions with incredibly detailed and knowledgable responses about nutritional history; other times you post one word questions or questions that seem like you are a beginning cook looking for information about basic ingredients. Amateur or doesn't matter on this site...but are you a real person?
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