Any ideas for unique brick oven pizzas

Tom McSwain


hardlikearmour March 4, 2012
Here's a link to the menu at my new favorite pizza place. Perhaps it will inspire you.
sheredel March 4, 2012
if you were looking for recipe suggestion, use good dough, sauce, fresh cheese, oregano, then when it comes out piping hot throw on some fresh field greens and eat!
pierino March 3, 2012
Well, this one is my own and I'm a serious pizza snob but there is a video for it here at food52---thank you A&M.

My assumption is that you are not shopping for an oven but for pizzas to cook in it.
BoulderFoodie March 3, 2012
Peter Reinhart has a great blog on the Forno Bravo website called Pizza Quest. You will find some great recipes there.
BoulderFoodie March 3, 2012
Oops! I didn't read the whole question! I read you were looking for "unique brick ovens"! LOL
Mr_Vittles March 3, 2012
Get a Fibrament. Use a good dough recipe, preferably Sourdough. 550 degree oven. Good Cheese.
jmburns March 3, 2012
Or see you looking for recipes?
BoulderFoodie March 3, 2012
Are you looking for one that is fixed/permanent or one that can be moved around?
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