How is pizza dough for a wood oven different than dough for a electric oven

  • Posted by: ckruse
  • August 27, 2012


chef ". August 28, 2012
pizza doughs differ greatly. Ahot wood fire oven needs a moisture dough so more water less flour less yeast..
pierino August 27, 2012
Yes, the dough remains the same. But when it comes to making pizzas heat is everything. An electric oven doesn't maintain a constant temperature and no two are calibrated exactly alike anyway, meaning that if you set the dial at 500F it doesn't necessarily mean that is the exact temperature. To make an authentic pizza you would like to hit about 800F, which of course you can't do indoors.

Gas ovens work way better than electric.

Cooking with wood outside really helps and it does add a smoky flavor. Just don't do a Flay and throw the dough straight on grill. Makes for a really ugly presentation.
Benny August 27, 2012
I dis-agree with "don't throw the dough straight on the grill". I've been doing that long before I heard Bobby Flay tell anyone to. When making "personal sized" pizzas, the grill is a great option (in my humble opinion). Plus, its fun for kids and still yeilds a better pizza than in my old oven.

As for using indoor ovens, the best you can do is crank the heat way up and place a baking stone on the bottom rack. Its still a great pizza, although inferior to the wood fired counterpart.
Benny August 27, 2012
The recipe for the dough does not need to change at all. The only thing that might change is the thickness you might stretch the dough to and the time needed for cooking.

Wood ovens tend to get much hotter and will cook up a pizza in no time at all. Most people who have know anything about really like the end result of wood ovens over electric,
dymnyno August 27, 2012
I use the same dough when I make pizza in a conventional oven as when I make it in my outdoor wood burning oven.
Meatballs&Milkshakes August 27, 2012
As far as I know, there should be no difference. Your favorite recipe should work in both.
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