How do I prevent my lemon meringue pie from 'weeping'?

Keeping it for 2 or more days

Bill F
  • Posted by: Bill F
  • March 5, 2012


SallyBroff March 5, 2012
I found a great recipe in Joy of Cooking that did two things. First it added a bit of cornstarch to stabilize the egg whites. You cooked it with water first. But the most important thing was to make sure the filling was very hot when you put the meringue on top. It cooks the meringue from the bottom as well as the top. Check out joy of cooking.
Adelucchi March 5, 2012
I remember from my home economics days to keep the meringue from weeping you should lower the temperature and add time. The high temp does not allow the egg to cook through and the results is runny eggs. Similar to frying eggs too fast for breakfast.

Bill F. March 5, 2012
Thanks. That seems to be the general consensus
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