Is there a way to make a fish pie without using parsley sauce??

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1 Comment

Verdigris November 16, 2010
Not being familiar with the dish mentioned, I looked it up on Google. Here is what I found:

The parsley sauce appears to be what I would call a white sauce with parsley added. It acts as an binder for the dish. Not sure why you want to replace the parsley sauce, but here are some suggestions:

If it's the flavor of the parsley you do not like, then you could replace the parsley with something like a savory herb mix or dill. Perhaps you could substitute parmesan cheese in place of the parsley so that you have an alfredo sauce like binder.

If you are trying to cut calories then you could substitute a good veggie stock or fish stock or shrimp stock for the milk.

Thanks for pointing me toward this concept, I will have to give it a try. It looks like comfort food!
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