I am making a provencal like fish soup without however the seafood, just various fishes. Do you think the leftovers could be frozen.

The fish was bought fresh, however I had to freeze it as I didnt use it in a timely manner. Would this create a problem with freezing. What if I used fresh fish and made the soup immediately.

Helen Drezner


Lori T. January 25, 2020
I've made batches of bouillabaisse and frozen it in vaccuum seal bags with pretty good luck. I often- read most of the time- use fish that is either frozen or has been frozen and thawed at the fish market, because I live in a northern tier state where fresh is not always easily obtained or economical. Anyway, I've had it frozen up to three months before reheating and eating it, without any problems at all. Remove any skin or bones from the soup, then freeze it in airtight containers or a vacuum sealed bag if you can. I thaw mine overnight in the fridge, and it's worked out fine for me.
Nancy January 25, 2020
Helen - yes to this advice. Also there's an article on this site that's a general guide to freezing soups and how best to use them after the freezing.
Nancy January 27, 2020
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