Make cheese crackers from pimento cheese

I tried a new recipe for pimento cheese with cream cheese, did not like it, too creamy. I usually only use cheddar and just enough mayo to bind it. So now I wonder could i turn it into cheese crackers by adding flour? What ratio? A good bit of flour I would think or it will just melt? Any idea please

Marit Grimstad


Nancy March 8, 2020
Look up recipes for muffins, bread or crackers made with cream cheese (don't search for pimento - just think of that as a seasoning). You'll find recipes that have already been made and sometimes tested by others. When I did a quick look, I saw some lovely banana muffins, if you like the idea of sweet & peppery together.
Nancy March 9, 2020
PS bonappetit has a nice recipe for crackers made with cream cheese and cheddar.
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