What can I do with millet

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susan G. March 20, 2012
To reinforce what ChefJune says, you don't need a "millet" recipe to prepare millet. You can take a rice recipe as a model and adapt. In China and many African countries, millet is a cultural heritage for the table. Some people call it "the queen of grains," due to its alkaline chemistry, rather than the acidic nature of most other grains.
ChefJune March 20, 2012
Millet can be cooked in many of the same ways one cooks rice; i.e., risotto style, or pilaf. I think the grain is much enhanced by toasting it lightly in a dry skillet (the grains pop like popcorn), then removing it and proceeding with sauteing your mirepoix and going on from there.

Interesting to note is that an old Gullah legend is that you should never eat millet with fish because it will make you sick if you do...
Miranda R. March 20, 2012
Merrill's recipe for cheesy millet with chives is pretty delicious, and quite simple, too! http://www.food52.com/recipes/10935_millet_with_cheese_and_chives
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