Why is my cookie sheet burning everything on the bottom? From cookies to roasted squash, the bottom is burnt and the inside isn't cooked!

  • Posted by: Zobird
  • March 21, 2012


Tim C. March 22, 2012
To add to the two sheet method, try one empty sheet on the bottom rack, with the cooking sheet on the next rack above. I use this for breads sometimes and it works.
chef O. March 22, 2012
Buy a oven thermometer (cooks illustrated just rated them and they are inexpensive) to insure correct temp!
bigpan March 22, 2012
Besides moving to the middle of the oven you can also use two sheet pans - one cradled inside the other.
pierino March 21, 2012
Bottom rack could be the problem. Also, no two ovens are calibrated exactly alike (I know from experience) so don't just trust the dial, it could be off by 25 degrees. Try the middle rack and see what happens but also test your oven for its actual temperature.
boulangere March 21, 2012
What kind of sheet are you using? I've not had good luck with the "air" sheets. Also, where are you positioning it? If close to the bottom of your oven, that can overbake anything on the bottom. I'm sure we can help you debrief with a little more info.
Zobird March 21, 2012
Thanks! I used a non-stick sheet that I bought at the grocery store. I put tin foil when I roasted my vegetables and parchment paper when making cookies. I did just use the bottom rack of the oven. Is that part of the problem?
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