Regarding the silicone baking sheets--Are they good for other cooking besides cookies or pastries?

I am interested in the silicone sheets, but they are advertized as only for baking cookies. What about sheet pan recipes or even granola?

  • Posted by: Cecile
  • March 9, 2017


stacy March 13, 2017
I've used to bake "fried" chicken, potato wedges, pretty much anything I'd normally use parchment paper for. Just make sure you're not exceeding the temperature limit the manufacturer lists
Rach3190 March 11, 2017
I roast two sheet pans of vegetables every week on silicon mats, making cleaning up so much easier and saves my cookie sheets. I also use to bake tofu toss with soy sauce, and even when it looks like it'll be a bear to get the seared soy sauce off the mats, it comes off just fine with a soft sponge and warm soapy water.

Do check with the manufacturer of the mats you end up buying to know the temperature arrange they are safe to be used at. I think mine are 485 or something.
BerryBaby March 10, 2017
When I make granola it goes directly onto the pan, no greasing/oil. It's flipped and turned over many times during baking.
I only use silicone mats for cookies.
Also FYI, never put them in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry. The dishwasher can break down the silicone and ruin the mat. It states that on the directions but many times people miss reading it.
Cecile March 11, 2017
Thank you
PHIL March 10, 2017
Ama son has a silicone granola bar mold so I guess it would work to use a sheet.
Cecile March 11, 2017
Nancy March 10, 2017
2 ideas...
For baking free-form or braided bread loaves.
Place a spring-form on a silicone-mat lined baking sheet in case there are leaks.
PHIL March 10, 2017
Yes, you can use as you would parchment paper. Silicone is a great non stick surface, I am sure granola would be easy to handle
Cecile March 10, 2017
Smaug March 10, 2017
Interesting question- I'd think they'd work well for such purposes, as long as the oven temps stayed below 450 or so, but sugars from granola might be difficult to reemove. One alternate purpose I have made use of; they're a good surface for handling particularly sticky doughs.
Cecile March 10, 2017
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