Blue cheese developed a separate but same color fungus on top. Is it healthy mildew or should I throw out?

How long does blue cheese hold?



pierino March 28, 2012
Stay out of the hospital man. It's bad for you. And it's also bad for cheese, especially the cheese they feed you in the hospital. I hope you are well now.
GIOVANNI50 March 28, 2012
In bocca al lupo!!!
Miranda R. March 28, 2012
Mrslarkin is right - 7 weeks is a long time! I would probably toss it. An excuse to make a trip to the cheese shop! Hope that you're feeling better!
mrslarkin March 28, 2012
Wow, sorry to hear you've been sick, Giovanni! Hope you are feeling better.

Hard cheeses, like Parmigiano, last a very long time in the fridge. I would probably toss the blue cheese, just to be safe.
Miranda R. March 28, 2012
Here's the official word from the Mayo Clinic to cover my bases :

but I would eat the cheese! As to how long it will hold, it depends on how you store it and how hard the cheese is. Is it gooey and soft, or a hard blue? Somewhere in between? Hard cheeses last longer than soft . As a general rule, soft cheeses will hold about a week or so in the fridge (though always take them out to come to room temp before serving) and hard cheeses last 2 or 3+ weeks.
GIOVANNI50 March 28, 2012
Been in hospital for over 7 weeks so the hard cheese is probably kaput??
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