refrigerating blue cheese

how long will it keep in refrigerator? how to tell if its too old-since it's already full of moldy blue streaks?

  • Posted by: mcd2
  • July 21, 2011


lylebama July 25, 2011
Has anyone else noticed that some (all?) blue cheeses have very little color when you buy them but start to develop color as soon as they're exposed to air. I buy mainly Rogue River blues, which is where I've noticed it.
ImmaEatThat July 25, 2011
By the way, it's best to rewrap the bleu cheese every time you use it. So when you bring it out to serve or in a recipe, rewrap in new parchment paper or foil. This prevents moisture from building up.
Amanda H. July 22, 2011
Apologies for the spam -- we're working to track it down.
latoscana July 22, 2011
Forgot to mention in previous post:
Cheese is a biologically active product. So, when wrapping, think in terms of letting it breathe.
It's OK to refrigerate - but allow to come to room temperature before serving.
sarabclever July 22, 2011
Thanks @ChefJune! @latoscana--Wow, so it's the rind that has to be looked after; how interesting.
latoscana July 22, 2011
You don't have to toss it if it's moldy - you can brush away anything that looks unappetizing. But if it's yellowing, then it's getting old and dry.

Steven Jenkins in his Cheese Primer says he used to always wrap cheeses in waxed paper or foil but now finds that wrapping in plastic wrap is fine, too. But the rind should not be left in contact with plastic for long or the cheese will start to suffocate. Another exception is chevre, which he feels is best in foil, waxed paper, or a glass or plastic container with tight lid.
ChefJune July 22, 2011
No, you remembered right. Foil is okay for keeping blue cheese, but I wouldn't use it for any others.
sarabclever July 22, 2011
Am I remembering wrong, or possibly foil as well for keeping? This is a great question, I always wonder myself, since, as you say, it's already moldy.
ChefJune July 21, 2011
The secret to keeping any cheese is to wrap it in paper. Butcher paper, or waxed paper. Never plastic wrap. and when you get it home from the store, be sure to take it out of the plastic wrap.

It should keep two weeks, or until it's gone, whichever comes first. ;)
Amanda H. July 21, 2011
If it's wrapped well, I find mine will last 2 weeks. And you can tell it's getting old if the white parts begin to turn yellow or pink.
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