How to steam lobster

I have an embarrassment of lobster...14 tails...should I steam them or boil them? How long? Any other tips? We also have a grill but I'm afraid of over cooking.
Thank you!

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Brain H. March 31, 2012
Thanks for the advice. I steamed them and they were perfectly moist, they didn't even need my green curry ginger sauce on the side. But I still have a half a dozen left, so next I'll try the olive oil poach method.
sdebrango March 30, 2012
I just made 3 lobster tails the other day using Amanda's olive oil poaching recipe fantastic! mbergner is right steaming is also a great method.
mbergner March 30, 2012
I would steam them. Couple inches of water in a large pot, steaming rack if you have one and steam for about 12 minutes until nice & red. Do not over do it.
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