A question about a recipe: Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon Italian Cake

I know it's probably obvious but is the "fine sugar" called for in the chocolate and Cabernet cake superfine or just regular sugar?

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Third F. March 31, 2012
Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend!
Third F. March 31, 2012
Thanks. I just didn't want it to be too sweet since I'm thinking that the volume of a finer sugar might be greater than a regular sugar.
mrslarkin March 31, 2012
Nope, superfine and granulated are pretty equal in volume. If you wanted to, you could stick the granulated in a food processor and whiz it a while to make superfine.

Confectioner's sugar is a totally different animal, though. Just use that for frosting and stuff.
mrslarkin March 31, 2012
Hi mattcooper,

My guess would be superfine sugar. But I think superfine or regular granulated would both work fine, since it's just getting dissolved into the liquid.

good luck!
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