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I have a question about the ingredient "grams egg whites, aged at room temperature for 24 hours" on the recipe "Meyer Lemon Macarons" from DolcettoConfections. How do i measure grams of egg whites? And do I really let it sit out for 24 hours?

Meyer Lemon Macarons
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ChefOno May 2, 2012

Or 10 seconds in the microwave...

Reiney May 2, 2012
I wouldn't let the egg whites themselves set out for 24 hours, but definitely the eggs (unbroken) are fine overnight.

The idea is that they come to room temp as BurgeoningBaker indicates. This takes a bit longer than an hour, but 24 hours isn't necessary either.

To speed up the process you can take whole, fridge-cold eggs, and sit them in a bowl of faucet-hot water for 15 minutes.
BurgeoningBaker May 1, 2012
Egg whites can be sat out for about 30 mins to 1 hour to come to room temp.
DAVILCHICK April 7, 2012
Thank you so much!! A friend gave us a bag of meyer lemons from her tree so I'm looking for great meyer lemon recipes - this one tops my list. :)

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Nozlee S. April 7, 2012
If you don't have a kitchen scale, you can work from the rule of thumb that the egg white of 1 large egg weighs about 30 grams -- so you'll need 2 eggs of whites. Because you'll be fully baking the whites in the oven, it's ok to leave them at room temperature!
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