Need a substitute for the almonds

I cannot eat nuts. Can I substitute sunflower seeds for the almonds?

Meyer Lemon Macarons
Recipe question for: Meyer Lemon Macarons


Nancy August 25, 2022
Apparently yes.
See a site called my stained for a nutless macaron recipe.
No personal experience with the recipe so would love to hear results if you do make them ;)
Nancy August 25, 2022
Here's a link to the recipe I found first:
And to more recipes for nut-less macarons. Didn't find recipes for lemon-flavored ones, but you could probably do a work-around by making a lemon-flavored cream filling.
702551 August 25, 2022
Minebivrit just needs to find a recipe that eliminates nuts from the macaron shell.

The Meyer lemon curd in this recipe doesn't have any nuts so it's not an issue. It could be used to fill any macaron.
Nancy August 26, 2022
Yes, thanks for reminder.
minebivrit August 26, 2022
Wow Nancy. Thanks for the response and all the research. Much appreciated.
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