I ended up with about 4 trays of piped out macarons. They all ended up with great dome shells. The first 3 pans baked beautifully, nice domes with...

... no cracks :) the last tray, however, ended up with the batter seeping out of their dome shells as they were baking. What could've caused this? Thanks

Meyer Lemon Macarons
Recipe question for: Meyer Lemon Macarons


LeBec F. April 11, 2014
BTW, many recipe chefs rarely see the hotline or check the comments on their recipe pages. So when i have a question that i really need ansswered, i click on the chef's recipe and then from there i click on their name; and then on their member page, i send them an email by clicking on the envelope symbol. those emails go to them directly.
LeBec F. April 11, 2014
i THINK that happened because the meringues sat around too long waiting to be baked, iirc. When i make meringues, i whip the meringues in smaller batches than called for, so there isn't that problem.
cvillacarlos April 8, 2014
They were on the same rack. It was my last tray. I'm guessing the temp might've been slightly lower by the time I loaded that last tray. Will check temp before I load the last tray next time. Thanks!
MaddyBelle April 8, 2014
Were they on a different rack in the oven? The different temperature could have definitely caused this.
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