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Someone told me I can substitute sour cream for buttermilk. Is this correct? If so, what is the proper substitution ratio?

asked by barista_mum over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

I don't know about substitution, but did you know you can make your own buttermilk? Put 1TBS vinegar in a glass measure and then fill with milk to 1 cup and let stand for 5 minutes. My only thought about subbing sour cream for buttermilk is the buttermilk has acid in it and is thinner. Maybe thin the sour cream with vinegar?

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added over 4 years ago

Lemon juice also works to sour the milk for buttermilk substitution. Those substitutions work for baking. If you're making a sauce or not cooking with it, I'd be wary.