Subsituting buttermilk, with a twist?

So I know it's possible to substitute buttermilk with sour cream in a cake recipe. I also know from experience that I can substitute sour cream with chèvre for plenty of things. But I'm about to start a post baby cake for my boss and I've wondering if anyone has a second opinion on whether I can use chèvre instead of buttermilk in a chocolate beet cake? I'm leaning towards yes, thinned down with some milk, but would like to hear what y'all have to say. Before you ask, I live on a goat dairy hence the abundence of cheese to be throwing 'round

  • Posted by: morgan
  • July 23, 2017


morgan July 28, 2017
Hi! So, there was a delay in the cake baking, it ended up perfectly fine with the chèvremilk. I checked the ph out of curiosity after Piece of Layercake's suggestion, it was 4.72, according to the allmightly Google, buttermilk has a ph in the 4.2 to 4.8 range so it fit nicely in there
Lindsay-Jean H. July 28, 2017
So happy to hear it worked well, thanks for reporting back!
PieceOfLayerCake July 26, 2017
I have an opinion on this, but a very uneducated one. I don't think it will work. I don't believe chèvre has the moisture content or acidity that sour cream or buttermilk has. If you thin it down with milk, you'll end up with less acidity. When I have milk but not buttermilk, I just acidulate it with pretty much whatever I have (lemon, vinegar, etc.), you don't really end up tasting it in the final product.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 26, 2017
I'm sorry you didn't get an answer to this in time morgan. I think it sounds good, personally. How did the cake turn out?
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