Need Recipe for Chard Stems!

I have removed the leaves from my chard for another recipe, but would like to use the stems instead of tossing them. Any recipes ideas? Thanks!



LeBec F. April 16, 2012
Funny, i always cook chard stems with chard leaves. They are both so full of water that they cook quickly together. Try it next time. Or try starting with the chopped stems, sauteeing a few minutes, and then adding the leaves.
Quinciferous April 15, 2012
They'll be delicious braised with some garlic and tossed into a frittata with some other vegetables.
LLStone April 15, 2012
Boil them in some salted water until soft, add herbs, a little garlic, maybe cheese, and oil and make a pesto! Or put them in a broth for added flavor. Also, see Tamar Adler's book, An Everlasting Meal - it's outstanding. Honestly, outstanding.
mrslarkin April 15, 2012
The stems are delicious breaded and fried.
boulangere April 15, 2012
Oh good for you, don't toss them. Add them to something like this, they'd be a fantastic addition:
Panfusine April 15, 2012
Pickle them into a relish
...dice the stems, salt, cayenne, turmeric, & some crushed black mustard. Heat up some oil & pour over the mix. Stir and then add the juice of 1/2 lemon..
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