I am using a recipe that calls for 4oz chard, center ribs removed. How many leaves do you think that is? I really don't know and don't have a

  • Posted by: silver
  • May 18, 2013


trampledbygeese May 18, 2013
Stems included:
Really large chard, 4 leaves = 1 lb.
Medium chard, 6 to 12 leaves = 1 lb.
Small chard, 12 or more leaves = 1 lb.

I would probably say the stems (if we are taking out the part in the center of the green as well) takes about 3/4 of the total weight.
silver May 18, 2013
I used 4 leaves I think...
silver May 18, 2013
It's from this site actually. Quinoa, fava bean, chard burgers. You are right. Probably not so crucial to be exact!!
petitbleu May 18, 2013
*Sorry: "your" recipe.

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petitbleu May 18, 2013
What's you recipe? In many cases, the amount is not crucial--recipes always seem to want to prescribe exact amounts when, in many cases, exact amounts aren't terribly important. I would just buy a healthy bunch. If the bunches you find are small, buy two. And remember not to fret too much ;)
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