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lasagna sheets vs. cannelloni sheets

I'm making April Bloomfield's cannelloni with Swiss chard. but i don't have time to make fresh pasta. I'm planning on buying fresh lasagna sheets from my (very good) grocery store. Can i use these instead? What is the generally size of a lasagna sheet? the cannelloni for this recipe should be 4 x 6 rectangles. Thank you!

asked by EG1231 over 1 year ago
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Fresh "lasagna" sheets are not only intended for lasagna. Flat pasta of this shape can be cut into tagliatelle, folded into shapes, or rolled into canneloni!

4x6" is an ideal size of pasta sheet to roll canneloni with, but experiment and see what works for you and the size of sheets you've got available to you. A little bit bigger might make them slightly easier to roll, and a little bit smaller just means less filling in each cannelloni. I personally would not cut the lasagna sheets down to size unless they were in the neighborhood of twice as large as 4x6".

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You can use wanton sheets and just roll them with the filling.