A question about a recipe: Chocolate Fantasy Brownie Bites

Is there a brand of Dutch process cocoa that you prefer for a treat like this? And if so, where do you buy it? This is on the menu for a special brunch I"m hosting next Sunday to welcome some new neighbors.Thanks so much. ;o)

Chocolate Fantasy Brownie Bites
Recipe question for: Chocolate Fantasy Brownie Bites


Shalini April 24, 2012
I love Green&Black's organic fair trade cocoa. Same with Cocoa Camino from the La Siembra Cooperative in Canada. I don't know if you can get it in the States, but you should be able to get Green&Black's. It's the best-tasting cocoa I've ever used. Their dark chocolate meant for baking (you can get it at Whole Foods) is wonderful as well.
vvvanessa April 24, 2012
The Food Mill (not too far from you) used to have Guittard in bulk. I haven't been in a couple of years, so I"m not sure if they still carry it, but I really liked it, and it's reasonably priced.
ATG117 April 23, 2012
I go with Valrhona when I can. I haven't found anything that competes in quality. But I think Hersheys dutch is a fine product, and I'd use it for certain things. I think the latter would work well in this recipe.
ChefJune April 23, 2012
I usually use Droste's. I've always found it in the baking section of most grocery stores.Used to use Hershey's Dutch process, but they seem to have stopped making it.
HalfPint April 23, 2012
In the last few years, I've been using Cocoa Barry which you can get online at Amazon. My baking instructor uses this brand at the Baking Institute because it's a high quality product that's as good as Valrhona without the heavy price tag. They have an extra dark, dutch-processed cocoa that is amazing.
petitbleu April 23, 2012
I didn't know they had a cocoa powder! I'll have to track that one down. As well as the Penzey's--I love their spices and double strength vanilla. Oh, and another really nice cocoa powder is Askinosie's single origin cocoa powder. It's expensive, and you have to order online, and it only comes in a very small package, but it makes the best hot cocoa I've ever had.
Emily H. April 22, 2012
I haven't made these treats, but I recently discovered King Arthur Flour's Dutch cocoa and I am a fan. Nothing is quite as good as Valrhona, but KAF's is pretty darn good.
mensaque April 22, 2012
Glad to hear...good for you and good for us to have you back!And even better for your guests.It seems like they're in for a treat!LOVE,LOVE,LOOOVE brownies of any kind,size and shape!I'm a chocaholic!
AntoniaJames April 22, 2012
Thank you, mensaque; how kind of you to say so. Well, the chocolate desserts (there will be two!) are in large measure for the darling youngest son of my next door neighbor, who'll be home for the weekend for another reason and in attendance. He loves good chocolate more than anything, so I plan to make a double batch of each dessert, so I can give him half of each to take back to school as a "Care" package to see him through exams. ;o)
petitbleu April 22, 2012
I love, love, love Valrhona, but it's hard to find in retail stores. I order it online. It's that good. In a pinch, Hershey's Special Dark works great, though.
mensaque April 22, 2012
How quick can you get to Rio?...Just kidding!Can't help you with that one.How is your hand?
AntoniaJames April 22, 2012
Much better, thank you! Have most of the use of it, though it's going to be quite some time (likely, 11 months or more ) before the finger operated on is pain free and unaffected by everyday activities. And I'm getting really good at touch typing without it. ;o)
drbabs April 23, 2012
Also, I'm so glad that you're feeling well enough to bake and type. I hope your painful days are few and far between.
drbabs April 22, 2012
Hi AJ! I'm so excited that you're making these! I really like Penzeys high fat Dutch process cocoa powder. I also like Hershey's Special Dark, which I can get in my regular grocery store. I understand that Droste and Valrhona are wonderful, but I've never been able to find them.
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