Can i blend and crush Chocolate cereal like Coco Puffs or Coco pebbles to make cocoa powder for brownies?

I have some Chocolate Kisses Cereal lying around, But no chocolate at my disposal for brownies. I wonder, can I use Cereal, as A substitute for cocoa powder, if I put it in a food processor?

  • Posted by: Rabrinsu
  • December 16, 2020


Happygoin December 17, 2020
In addition to what Nancy said, I think it would make brownies tooth-numbingly sweet.
Nancy December 16, 2020
You could do that, but the chocolate taste will be very weak as the percentage of chocolate in the cereal - whatever it may be - will be far below 100%.
If you have no chocolate (solid or cocoa powder) in the house, maybe make a different cookie bar with what you have on hand.
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