I have chicken thighs on the bone and am looking for something different to do with them. I usually just roast them, but would like to try go

Elaine Ruth


pierino April 25, 2012
You are talking about my favorite food part here. I like to grill thighs over a real wood fire or deep fry them in peanut oil or, or, or....
TheFritschKitchen April 25, 2012
My favorite way to use chicken thighs is in a chickpea stew. Very warming and filling, yet still light and healthy! Perfect for spring weather when it's still a little cold outside and you need something warm in your tummy!


gigiaxline April 25, 2012
I usually make this http://www.cookincanuck.com/2009/12/dijon-thyme-roasted-chicken-drumsticks/ using chicken thighs. Extremely easy and delicious with some steamed broccoli & rice.
Sam1148 April 24, 2012
I like soaking them skinless with yogurt and a either a homemade curry powder or "Paltak's" Tandori paste. The paltak is a nice product with very good spices and a good short cut when you don't feel like grinding spices. Give at least an hour in the yogurt/spice soak.

Then 20-25 mins in a 500degree oven.
SKK April 24, 2012
This is a wonderful dish and you get to set it on fire! Very easy to make.
inpatskitchen April 24, 2012
Tom Hirschfeld has one for Asian chicken that sounds amazing and that I'm going to make very soon. Find it here:
HalfPint April 24, 2012
I grilled skinless bone-in chicken thighs last night for dinner. I marinated them in a mixture of 1/4 cup minced lemongrass, 1Tb brown sugar, 2 Tb fish sauce, 2Tb rice vinegar, 1Tb ground coriander, 2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes. Marinate at least 2 hours, overnight is even better.
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