Parsley Root

So, along with the fava beans, fresh peas, asparagus and strawberries, I'm running into parsley root everywhere. Suggestions on what to do with it? Roast it like parsnips? Puree like Celeriac or cauliflower?

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creamtea April 26, 2012
I use it in chicken soup. It's delicious there. The tops can be washed, tied with twine and put in to simmer during the last 10 minutes of cooking.
Droplet April 26, 2012
I use it for soup, usually just scrape it clean and simmer along with the vegetables then remove it in the end. It gives a very nice flavor that does not dissipate. A word of caution though: it is an abortifacient and it is contraindicated for consumption for pregnant women, so just keep that in mind. Very good for your kidneys otherwise.
hardlikearmour April 26, 2012
I found this cool article on parsley root. It sounds really delicious! I hope I can find some too. I think you should create an awesome recipe with it - it seems to be pretty versatile, so follow your heart.
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