Does anyone know how to make brandy butter?



LucyS April 28, 2012
Soften butter and whip in lots of powdered sugar and brandy to taste. Fun fact: when I was a kid we lived in rural Botswana, and made brandy butter every Christmas. One year we had way too much so we dumped it in the woods. NOTHING, from hyenas to ants, would touch it for weeks. Does this make you worry? We still make it every Christmas.
ChefOno April 28, 2012

For a more rounded flavor, add 3/4 tsp. vanilla extract to the above formula.

rt21 April 28, 2012
For each stick of butter at room temperature whip it with a half cup of confectioners sugar and a tablespoon of brandy. Shape it into a log and refrigerate until firm. Freezes well also
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