A question about a recipe: Harry's Favorite Better than IHOP Multigrain Pancakes

What if I hate bananas but would still love a light and fluffy multi-grain pancake? What should I replace with? Ricotta or yoghurt maybe? Just more milk?



drbabs May 3, 2012
These are all great suggestions. Here's what I did recently. I tested this recip for Community pick:
http://food52.com/recipes/16950_gravitydefying_basic_buttermilk_pancakes but I used my multigrain mixture (I added a little cornmeal too) instead of the all purpose flour, and followed the technique of letting the batter rest for 1/2 hour. The pancakes were amazingly light and fluffy, and I will use that technique again. Enjoy! And please let me know how they turn out.
petitbleu May 3, 2012
I agree with Sam1148. Carrots, sweet potato, or winter squash would be fine--the only problem is that you'd have to pre-cook them specifically for this recipe, and that could potentially be a drag. Sarah.reinertsen also makes some good points. The egg whites would surely make for a light and fluffy pancake, and ricotta, the under loved stepchild of the cheese world, would not be amiss.
Sam1148 May 3, 2012
ricotta would work..but from reading the recipe..the acid content in ricotta with the baking soda could throw it off. But heck, I'd try it.
I suppose the applesauce might do the same, but it's a good easy sub for butte/oilr for this type of recipe as are the Bananas. And frankely with that many dense thing in the recipe it does need some lightening.

One TABLESPOON OF Baking Powder? Okay, I'd try with the applesauce to sub for banana...because you're really fighting there with that many dense grains here. Whole wheat, oatmeal, nuts etc.
Sam1148 May 3, 2012
Apple sauce.
LeBec F. May 3, 2012
you could also sub w/ mashed taro,carrots,yams or sweet potatoes (some yams/sweet potatoes are sweeter than others; Whole Foods is a good place to explore and ask.)
Reiney May 2, 2012
Milk would make the batter too runny (more like a crepe, I imagine). Ricotta is a very good sub and frequently used in pancakes.

You can also experiment with separating the eggs, mixing the yolk into the batter then folding medium-peak egg whites into the mix to make it fluffy.

Bill Granger's lemon ricotta pancakes use this method and are excellent.
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