How to get boiled sugar water to color!?!

I've boiled sugar and water for a flan, and the recipe says to let it simmer until it colors, but it's been simmering for almost an hour and still no color. Suggestions please??



Reiney May 4, 2012
Wet and dry caramels are are two different techniques with different applications and tastes.

I'm not saying one is better than the other for flan - do what works for you - but don't be concerned that a wet caramel will make things watery. Water boils at 100C, and by the time you're reaching a colour stage with sugar you're up around 160-170C and less than 1% of the solution is water - so you're really only dealing with melted sugar.
mensaque May 4, 2012
I agree with Glenda.When I make flan or pudding,I just melt the sugar in low heat till it gets golden brown and then add some butter.It's great cause nothing sticks to the baking dish and it gives out a taste of toffee.Also,you don't need all that watery syrup making things all mushy,in my opinion.
Benny May 4, 2012
Swirling and stirring the sugar while its boiling will cause it to run up the sides of the pot and crystallize from the heat. Don't forget to brush water around the sides of your pot as it boils to prevent that crystallization of the sugar!
glenda C. May 4, 2012
Heat and swirl the sugar until it liquefies. Be careful the sugar can burn very quickly once the sugar melts. I have had no luck using water withe sugar. GoodLuck!
glenda C. May 4, 2012
I have made flan numerous times and I find the best and easiest way to color the sugar is to put the sugar in the pan you are going to bake the the flan in. I generally use 1/2 c sugar without any water. Put the pan directly over the med heatthe medium heat and

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Reiney May 4, 2012
What is your ratio of water to sugar? What is the consistency of the sugar right now? It's possible that you put far too much water in - the idea is that the sugar melts and turns to caramel, and the function of the water is just to hydrate it enough to get the process going (a wet caramel).

Depending on the type of heat, your sugar may not colour (unusual, but happens). What is the temperature of the mix right now?

You could start over, with just a bare amount of water - enough only to fully hydrate the sugar crystals. Crank up the heat, this process should only take a few minutes.
voodoo41 May 4, 2012
You're right, I had too much water. I ended up starting over with turbinado sugar instead of white and a very small amount of water, and it worked perfectly! Thank you :)
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