Need a yummy bok choy recipe!

I've done Asian stir fry with bok choy many times. Any new and different ideas?

  • Posted by: m1800
  • May 9, 2012


Raquelita May 9, 2012
I love to cut off the bottom 1/4 inch (just to get off the exposed root ends) then quarter or halve the bok choi (rinse it out well) and steam it or sear it. It's so striking and beautiful. Why not roast it like that, too? Then use a nice thick sauce to dress it--could go many directions, but I like a sweet-tart homemade barbeque sauce with tamarind, or a coconut curry sauce.
Brian,Arliss May 9, 2012
Maybe just half a whole bunch and grill it. Then a little drizzle of a sweet soy-ginger reduction. Goes nice with white rice and any other veg for a veg option as well.
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