Indonesian tofu

While browsing recipes recently I came upon a recipe or story about Indonesian tofu or at least that's what I think it was called. The picture looked like tofu wrapped in green leaves. I think it was "coarser" than regular tofu.

Craig Noke


susan G. May 9, 2012
You can even find tempeh in supermarkets now, as well as natural food stores. I see it in the produce area in some stores, or in an area with tofu and meat alternatives. I live in a small town in a rural area, so -- wherever you live -- you may be able to find it.
Simplest preparation -- just cut slabs into serving size pieces and brown them in oil on both sides. Good in sandwiches (including the TLT -- tempeh, lettuce and tomato), good in stir fries, good in a bacon-ish side or a potato hash...
Don't look for the leaves though. What you see that is commercially produces will be in shrink wrapped plastic film packages. Check the site for more complex cooking ideas.
Reiney May 9, 2012
Are you thinking of tempeh, perhaps? It's not strictly tofu, though it's made from soy. The soy beans are fermented into a cake, which is then portioned and cooked (usually fried) - often used in Indonesian food, though is also present in other cuisines. The green leaves were probably banana leaves.
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