A question about a recipe: Ramp Carbonara

I live in the desert southwest where ramps are not available or even known. What do you suggest as a substitute.

Ramp Carbonara
Recipe question for: Ramp Carbonara


Emily H. May 10, 2012
Leeks, garlic and scallions would be a good mix. Ramps are pungent in their garlic flavor but also very scallion-y. Leeks would add nice softness to the whole thing.

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meganvt01 May 9, 2012
you might try a mix of green garlic and scallions as well.
pierino May 10, 2012
I sympathize with your difficulty. I love ramps but they really are kind of a Northeast thing, unavailable in most of the country. The flavor captures a bit of both onion and garlic so I think the suggested mix of garlic and scallion is a good suggestion.
Benny May 9, 2012
although not exactly the same flavor profile, I looked at this recipe and thought that broccoli rabe would be a good substitute.
hardlikearmour May 9, 2012
I'd go with leeks. The younger the better.
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