Digital Thermometer

I'm in the market for a high quality digital meat thermometer. The kind you plunge into your roast and it continuosly moniters the temperature of your food as it cooks in the oven. but I'm afraid of choosing a piece of junk. Any suggestions/experiences?

  • Posted by: Benny
  • May 31, 2012


irishchef June 12, 2012
Thermapen 5 Thermometer is super fast and accurate (-58 to 570 F or 50 to 300 C) It can be used for oil, sugar, meats etc. Around $90.00 but well worth it. It uses a 12 volt battery (MN21) and can be purchased at most stores that sell batteries. They also make great timers.
ChefOno June 2, 2012

You know that old saying, you can have it good or you can have it cheap but you can't have both?

If you really want high quality and you're willing to pay the price, look at the Taylor 9810. You can purchase a selection of "K-Type" probes (highly-accurate thermocouples), including ones designed for high temperature applications. You can also buy one of my favorite special-purpose tools, a surface-temperature probe which actually does what those laser-infrared thermometers attempt to do. Perfect pancakes first time, every time. But I digress…

If I'm reading you correctly, probe-ably the best solution for the purpose is an inexpensive digital roasting thermometer. My current one is made by ThermoWorks (same people who make the Thermapen). Buy the optional clip and it will double as a candy or oil thermometer. All inexpensive digital thermometers use thermistor technology which is not as quick as a thermocouple (not an issue here) and its accuracy can drift over time. But new probes are cheap (around $6) so it's not a major loss when you pinch the cable in the oven door or accidently broil one along with the roast.

Elaine R. May 31, 2012
I love my Thermapen! It is pricey but in my opinion very worth it. I had lesser instant reads and there is no comparison.
pierino May 31, 2012
I will forever sing the praises of the Thermapen. But it's not one that sits in a roast or a bird. However it will give you an accurate reading in about 3 seconds compared to the 25 that most "instant reads" require. It will set you back about $90 but it is a damn fine tool.
Susan B. May 31, 2012
Taylor & Polder are both very reputable names in temp gadgets. Taylor even has one that has a probe on the end of a silicone coated wire attached to a monitor you sit on the counter next to the oven - the alarm lets you know when your desired temp is achieved. Set it and forget it!
Sam1148 May 31, 2012
The 'pen type' are what most prefer for accuracy and 'bling' value. Those are kind of pricy.

My old Polder one is pretty much a good model..that has a alarm and external probe for continuously monitoring temp.
And cheap very reliable IMHO:
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