I have been searching for a double chocolate muffin recipe that matches those bought in shops and cafes. The ones I buy are always light as air with a squidgy gooey chocolatey middle and rise to double the height of the muffin paper case. How do they do this?? Has anyone got a recipe that matches the description of the above muffin please? All the recipes I've tried so far come out just like ordinary cup cakes and are cooked right through when I adhere to the recipe times given.

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luv2cook November 19, 2010
You can substitute plain or even vanilla yogurt for buttermilk. The role of the buttermilk is to add moisture and the acidity needed to react with the baking soda.
French F. November 19, 2010
Thank you Hilarybee, Can I substitute ordinary milk instead of the buttermilk? I've never seen buttermilk here in France.
Hilarybee November 19, 2010
Also, they likely use a larger baking pan with more eggs- but try the recipe above. It is fantastic, gooey, but still has a light crumb.
Hilarybee November 19, 2010
I recommend Dorie Greenspan's chocolate-chocolate chunk muffin recipe, in her book Baking, From My Home to Your's. Here is a link:
I've made this recipe dozens of times to great success.
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