for Barbara Kafka's roast chicken ( wld this work in a gas BBQ? Has anyone tried with success? Thanks!



clumsychef June 14, 2012
Hello fellow cooks, thanks for the answers! I ended up mounting the chicken on a beer can and roasting it at 500F upright on the BBQ. Tonnes of smoke and a little charred, but it cooked quickly and was juicy and very tasty!
nutcakes June 11, 2012
While you can roast chickens on a gas grill, this particular method relies on the oven being 500F, and I doubt you grill holds that, so don't do it unless you have a thermometer to monitor the air temp inside the grill. I'd go for the butterflyed brick top one mentioned above instead.
Madame S. June 11, 2012
I've roasted many a chicken on a gas grill. I find that butterflying it makes it cook quicker, easier and more evenly-especially if you put a cast iron skillet or brick on top of it. Her recipe is a basic one; a blank canvas if you will, free to add whatever flavorings you have. If you wanted to leave it whole then I would do it over indirect heat on med-med high depending on your grill. Hope that helps!
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