Storing garlic and shallots: is this vessel ventilated enough for storing shallots and garlic?

I've owned it for years. It's designed for mushrooms, but I've never used it for them. (When i buy mushrooms, i tend to use them immediately.) Anyway, this is about 9 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. The only holes are on the top. What do you think? Thanks so much. ;o)

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chefsusie June 13, 2012
I had an unglazed garlic container. I just never used it.

You can also store garlic in a paper bag, egg carton, or mesh bag. Just be sure there is plenty of dry air and little light to inhibit sprouting. To avoid mold, do not refrigerate or store garlic in plastic bags.
Droplet June 12, 2012
Since yours isn't glzed like most of the commercial ones are, it might work alright with holes on just the top, since the vessel itself will still breath more or less. I think it would be a good idea to put something on the bottom that will keep some air below, like a perforated jar lid or another non solid trivet like object.
aargersi June 12, 2012
I keep mine in a pretty bowl on the windowsill, but we use it so quickly I have no idea what the actual shelf life is that way ... not a helpful answer at all :-)
Hilarybee June 12, 2012
Looks like it could work. The one I use has holes on the bottom, not the top. But I don't see why not?
I'd just make sure that the garlic/shallots are really well dried. I've found that when I don't let my garlic hang long enough, it's shelf life is only a month.
Third F. June 11, 2012
I use a glazed ceramic container with staggered ventilation holes at the bottom that I purchased several years ago at Sur la Table. Ultimately, I think it depends on two things: the age of your garlic and how quickly you use it. I've had success with it when I have gone through what I've stored (usually six to seven heads) on a reasonable monthly basis. There have been times though when my garlic has sprouted. I don't store my shallots in the container primarily because I don't purchase them in as large amounts and tend to use what I buy fairly quickly.
kimhw June 11, 2012
Mine also has holes on the side. My suggestion would be to mix them up a bit every few days if you have a couple heads in there. It will change where the best and poorest ventilation is.
SKK June 11, 2012
The garlic keep I have used for the past 25 years has 4 large holes on each side, and none on the top. I would say try it, AJ.
AntoniaJames June 11, 2012
Oops. I measured it and it's actually 6 inches tall (up to the holes), and 6 inches across. That's a crazy angle on the photo. Thanks! ;o)
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