when roasting cremini mushrooms - top up or top down?

  • Posted by: PhyPhy
  • November 12, 2011


Droplet November 12, 2011
When you do it top down, part of the liquid that mushrooms naturally release tends to pool inside the mushroom caps and evaporated more slowly then the rest of the liquid they release in the pan. Depending on whether or not you add butter or oil to them and what temperature you roast them at, they sometimes get a little dry on the outside. If you do it top up, all of the liquid is released in the pan and more or less submerses the mushrooms. Again it depends on the temperature and the cooking time, but that gives you a slightly different texture.
JessicaBakes November 12, 2011
I like crispy edges, so I do top down. If you prefer more of an overall brown but less crisp, go top up
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