In step one, we are asked to cook the rhubarb with "1/4 sugar". The curd ingredients call for 1/3 C plus 1/8C of sugar. How much of the sugar sho...

...uld be cooked with the rhubarb - 1/12 C?

Rhubarb Curd Shortbread
Recipe question for: Rhubarb Curd Shortbread


Sarah June 13, 2014
Looking at the recipe, there are 2 amounts of sugar needed - 1/4 cup for the curd and 1/3 C plus 1/8C for the shortbread. I assume the "1/4 sugar" means adding the 1/4 cup, with the rest being added for the shortbread, but it's quite confusing!
Quinciferous June 15, 2012
When I made this a while ago, I used 1/4 cup sugar in that step. I assumed it was a typo. It turned out beautifully (if not as pink as in the picture)!
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