A question about a recipe: Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

I have a question about the ingredient "Dutch-processed cocoa powder, measured then sifted" on the recipe "Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches" from Kris & Anne of Bi-Rite Creamery. I don't have dutch-processed. I see that I can sub unsweetened cocoa powder by adding 1/8 tsp baking soda for every 3 T of cocoa powder. That just seems like A LOT in this. What do you think? How much should I add?

  • Posted by: chl0525
  • June 17, 2012


boulangere June 17, 2012
I get 4 additional teaspoons as well. The recipe already calls for 4.5 teaspoons. I think you'll be fine with that. The cookies aren't intended to rise substantially, which would be the purpose of adding more baking soda to neutralize the higher amount of acid in natural cocoa powder, creating a greater amount of CO2 and therefore rising more.
chl0525 June 17, 2012
Yeah, the 4 + 4.5 had me rather concerned! I'm not going to add any additional BS. :) Thanks for the advice oh, wise one. We'll see how it goes.
chl0525 June 17, 2012
By my calculations, that could be 4 tsp of baking soda... right?
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