How can I make the ice cream without an ice cream machine?



mensaque May 31, 2013
Darkide is right,the Kitchen Aid thing works.Go for it,it's easier than it sounds.
Mr_Vittles May 31, 2013
Go old school and make a rock salt ice water bath, pour into an empty coffee can, seal, put creme anglaise in a plastic bag, and roll, roll, roll!!! It should take 15 to 20 minutes.
Midge May 31, 2013
Saveur did a round-up of hacked ice cream makers not too long ago:
Would love to hear if you try any!
boulangere May 30, 2013
In a pseudo Iron Chef competition a couple of years ago, where equipment was limited to basically a 4-burner electric range about the size of one I had in one of my first apartments, I watched a brilliant chef and friend of mine make wonderful ice cream in a very primitive fashion. He first make the custard, of course, then chilled it over an ice water bath to lower it to 40 degrees. To make the ice cream, he immersed a tall, narrow stainless steel soup insert into ice water laced liberally with sea salt (which lowers the freezing temperature of ice, effectively making it "colder"), poured in his custard, and then patiently stirred it with a long metal cake icing spatula, scraping it all around the sides and bottom to mimic the action of an ice cream machine. Genius!
In a pinch I've done it in a blender/kitchen aid. Just make the custard, cool and blend. Freeze for an hour. blend. Freeze for 40 minutes. Blend. Freeze for 30 minutes, blend. Repeat until you're happy with the result! And when it gets too thick to keep blending, I'll bring the Kitchen Aid in for a few of the mixing processes. As long as you keep folding air into the product, it'll work. It may not have the exact mouth feel of machine churned ice cream, but it'll be pretty similar.
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