Trying to Recreate an Appetizer

I had an outstanding appetizer the other night and would love to try it at home. It was honey burnt carrots with pea puree, pea shoots, and a farmers cheese sauce. I have everything covered except the cheese sauce. It was served by dotting the pea puree and cheese sauce along the plate and they were roughly the same consistency. Ideas?

Tony S
  • Posted by: Tony S
  • June 14, 2013


beejay45 June 15, 2013
Was it a thickened sauce or more of a fondue? I'm wondering because an only slightly warm cheese sauce that relies heavily on flour for thickening would be kind of ugly at that temp. Fondue relies more on the cheese to thicken, so it seems like it might be a better fit. JMO
Tony S. June 14, 2013
Thanks Pierino. I initally thought mornay but was concerned about it getting too thick given that dish was served only slightly warmer than room temperature. Should I simply make the mornay a little loose?

pierino June 14, 2013
Tony, I see no reason why you can't loosen it up a bit by adding more hot milk to your bechamel. I'll leave it to you to judge the texture to meet your taste.Good luck.
pierino June 14, 2013
A basic "cheese sauce" is known as sauce mornay. You begin by making a bechamel sauce from a flour and butter roux. Add scalded milk gradually to that and whisk. Then work in your favorite cheese which should be one with a good melting quality. A grating of nutmeg is good in the bechamel before you add the cheese. After that it's up to you. I'm thinking that a guyere would work with the pea puree but you could aso go with something more assertive.
pierino June 14, 2013
I just reread your original post and a farmers cheese would be excellent. And sorry about the typos. We can't go back and edit.
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