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HELP! My homemade candied cherries are like glass! Can I soften by re-simmering in sugar water?

They are already oven-dried and sugared. Are these a complete loss? They are ROCK HARD! What went wrong? (Also, I just tried pineapple tidbits, & they're correctly chewy, but BROWN! Suggestions very welcome!

asked by SUE about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

I'm not an expert on candy making but I do have a McIver approach to cooking -- anything's worth a try to rescue our hard work! Use a few of the cherries for your experiment and consider trying with just water first, simmering them until they're soft and then re-sugaring. I think what you want to do is dissolve the candy you've created and more sugar water might just re-glaze the glass you already have. As for your pineapple question, I don't have an answer -- but others might. I wonder if the addition of citric acid would prevent browning of pineapple? Best of luck!