How do I prevent whey separation in homemade yogurt?

  • Posted by: 781Jana
  • June 24, 2012


John T. January 8, 2014
The Yogourmet maker I use recommended adding raw gelatin to the milk before scalding. After three failed attempts without doing this, I tried it with the gelatin and it finally worked great. One packet (1/4 oz) Knox gelatin per 2 quarts milk.
Elaine R. June 25, 2012
This is natural and you can either drain it off or stir it back into the yogurt.
viblanco June 24, 2012
I make yogurt frequently using 2% milk and the whey always separates a bit. Even store bought yogurt does this. (But perhaps I'm not understanding your question.)
We always strain the yogurt in a colander lined with cloth (i.e., cheesecloth) over a bowl to allow much of the whey to drain out. This is because we like the yogurt to be thicker. This is a lot more work, but, if you prefer less whey then you could try this method. But, realize that even doing this the whey will pool in the yogurt and that's ok. :)
781Jana June 24, 2012
About 8 hours.
boulangere June 24, 2012
I usually let mine sit in the maker for 4 hours, then give it a gentle stir to see if it seems thick enough.
jbban June 24, 2012
I agree with viblanco that the whey separation is normal and fine.
If you want to try to reduce that separation, I'd check to see if it's set well before 8 hours. Now that it's summer, my yogurt is always set within 4 hours (I just wrap it in a towel and set it on my counter).
jbban June 24, 2012
How long did you let it sit? I use skim and find that the whey starts to separate out if I let the yogurt sit too long after it sets up. I don't know if sitting time is truly the cause, but that's been my experience.
781Jana June 24, 2012
Than you for your answer. I used skim. The first batch, using powdered starter, had no separation. The second batch, using this yogurt as starter, had separation. Both batches were made with skim.
boulangere June 24, 2012
My experience has always been better with powdered starter, as well.
boulangere June 24, 2012
What sort of formula are you using? If you boost the fat content, you'll have less separation. I use 75% whole milk, 25% heavy cream and have no separation.
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