Egg needed

I am making banana bread and am 1 egg short, what can I use in place and not compromise the end result?

Katie Randall


Sam1148 June 25, 2012
Oh, and pump up the baking powder in the recipe about 1/4 tsp to replace the egg which acts as a structure to aid for the rising of the bread.
threefresheggs June 25, 2012
More banana would also work. The equivalent is 1/4 cup.
K_Squared June 25, 2012
I recently made a loaf of corn bread and realized halfway through that I was fresh out of eggs! This worked perfectly: 1 tbsp Flax Seed meal + 3 tbsp water, mixed together, then added. It binds easy cakes/loaves together nicely.
In your case, you won't even notice the flax seed flakes since the banana bread is naturally brown & speckled!

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Sam1148 June 25, 2012
Apple sauce.
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