creme fraiche from scratch?

I have so much trouble searching for recipes on your website. For example, I saw a simple recipe for how to make creme fraiche, with heavy cream and buttermilk. I searched on "creme fraiche" but could not find that recipe. Could you tell me where it's located on your site? Thanks!



boulangere June 28, 2012
I make it all the time and consider it a condiment!
cricket1952 June 27, 2012
Just found it on the food52 blog...sorry that I forgot where it was?
SKK June 27, 2012
Sorry for the confusion - the recipe that corresponds to what you are talking about is on Epicurious. It may be that this recipe is not on the Food52 site.

There is an amazing recipe for mascarpone I use all the time which has nothing to do with the question you asked.

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