Why does my homemade vanilla extract taste strongly of vodka after 8 weeks? I used more than the recommended ratio of vanilla pods to alcohol.

Deborah Reeves


Deborah R. December 28, 2013
I mixed the extract into milk and I can see that, if it was used for baking, the alcohol taste would not be apparent. But if I was using it in a dessert that was not cooked, I think the alcohol might come through. I'm going to leave it for another few weeks before using. I guess more time won't hurt.
Mo3b December 22, 2013
I also make vanilla extract with vodka. The alcohol scent is strong but the wonderful vanilla flavor comes through when using it for baking.
hardlikearmour December 21, 2013
Plain commercial extract tastes boozy, too, so I'm hoping yours will be fine when actually used. How does it taste when mixed into milk - 1 part extract to 8 parts milk?
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