Vanilla Beans

I'd like to make homemade vanilla extract to give out as a gift for the holidays. What is a good online resource to purchase good quality, not too expensive beans to make extract? I'd like to get about 1 oz (10-15 beans?), since I'm only making a little bit.

Ali Worthalter


Nancy October 31, 2016
While vanilla beans are expensive, they can last a long time (up to 2 years) air-tight at room temp. Consider estimating how many you would use for this extract project, other home uses, other gifts over say 1-2 years and buy all of them at once...if it's worth it to you.
Ali W. October 31, 2016
Thanks! I might end up using VanillaProductsUSA, they have very high reviews and prices are reasonable
Bevi October 31, 2016
Costco has a halfway decent product. They sell in vials - 5 or 6 beans to a vial.
amysarah October 31, 2016
Ditto Costco. The vanilla beans I got there were equal in quality to far more costly ones I've purchased before.
SilverSage October 31, 2016
I've been buying from for years. Their prices are the best I've found, and quality is great. They have several assortment packs that let you try the different varieties.
Susan W. October 31, 2016
Beanilla is an awesome resource. I ordered from them last year. Amazon also has a big selection. In fact, I think I ended up buying beanilla through Amazon because they had the perfect amount.
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