Pork butt shoulder roast

How long should I cook a 8.63 pound (bone-in) pork roast?

Wilde Koechin


ChefOno July 5, 2012

Yes the USDA is moving in the right direction. According to the CDC, just eleven cases of trichinosis are reported per year in the U.S., only a few of which are caused by our porcine friends. Worldwide the number is 10,000.

In any case, 140F will kill any parasites and full pasteurization is achieved in 12 minutes at that temperature.

Remember though, most home thermometers are the old dial type which are inherently inaccurate. My 140 could very well be someone else's 165 (which would make their 140 actually 125). The USDA's 145 seems like a reasonable target and still should be a little pink.

pierino July 5, 2012
And compare that to the 400 some listeria cases connected to Dole bagged lettuce last week. And that's just one single outbreak!
ChefOno July 4, 2012

Pierino is right as usual -- it'll be done when it's done. And 140 is right on the money if you're going to slice it as a roast. (Don't forget to pull it slightly under temp and let it coast up.)

If you're going for pulled pork, that's an entirely different matter.

As for the oven temp, the lower, the slower, the more time there is to convert all that fat and collagen to deliciousness.

ChefOno July 4, 2012
*USDA says 145F minimum
pierino July 5, 2012
And ChefOno consider that the USDA has scaled down it's recommendation by 15 degrees. It used to be 160F. A little pink in there is good. It's not supposed to be "the other white meat." And has anyone contracted trichinosis from pork in the last half century? You are at greater risk eating washed, bagged lettuce.
pierino July 4, 2012
The short answer is that it's done when it's done. Eight pounds is a big roast. It will probably take two hours at least, maybe more. 170F as internal temperature is way too high. Using a good instant read probe (away from the bone) go for 140F and let it rest tented with foil for up to 20 minutes. Be sure to baste that sucker while it's cooking. That's one big hunk of meat.
ChefJune July 5, 2012
I use an instant read probe that's set for 140 degrees F. The temp increases a good 10 degrees as the meat rests after cooking.
Jason T. July 4, 2012
Correction, i was thinking of another Momofuku recipe from Lucky Peach. Bone in is fine for 6 hours at 300.
Jason T. July 4, 2012
Bo ssam is 6 hours at 300 degrees, can't go wrong with that. that is bone out, so compensate/check accordingly.
bigpan July 4, 2012
Try 40 min / lb at 350 F.
Internal temp should be 170F.
Adjust accordingly if you go slow-and-low.
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