How long should I cook 3.5 and 6 pound pork shoulders, following this recipe: Matilda, Maple, and Garlic Pork Shoulder with Crispy Skin

I'm following this recipe, but have 2 different sized pieces of meat and 1 oven:

I'm wondering:
A) About how long each will take?
B) Is it possible to overcook / make them dry?
C) Can I start them at the same time, take out the small one when it seems done and then put it back in with the bigger one at the end to warm + crisp it?


Leah Feuer
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1 Comment

Kristen M. November 22, 2017
Hi Leah, so sorry for the delay! Because of the low cooking temperature, this technique is super forgiving. Just check on it every couple hours or so to see if the smaller one is getting super fall-apart tender, and if so, then your idea mentioned in C sounds perfect.

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